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Baby Shopping and Baby Tips - Update For 03/18/11 18:00

Tip From EasyBabyLife

- Feb 18, Fisher-Price Cradle Swing
This swing is a lifesaver! I have used this swing with my now 2 year old as well as my 2 month old. Both children had digestions issues and this swing
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Tip From NewBornBabyZone

- Playpens for Baby – How to Choose a Playpen
Some would say that playpens for baby are an unnecessary expense; however any number of parents will tell you the great utility of a playpen for their baby. Playpens offer a safe and contained area within which a baby can amuse him or herself, without the fear of a mobile baby getting out and getting [...]
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Tip From Unique Baby Gear Ideas

- Diaper Changing Area Set Up
What do you think is the most essential part of a baby's nursery? Would the diaper changing area set up be at the top of your "to do" list or would a comfortable glider, a place for mommy and daddy to take a nap or cuddle with baby outrank a changing area complete with changing table and lots of storage? If you voted for a special area for changing your little one's diaper is the most important element in a nursery design then you are in agreement with 57 of the moms who voiced their preferences in a recent survey. Over half the moms felt that having a specific place to change their babies was a crucial part of a well-designed nursery. Diaper Changing Area Set Up In the interest of drilling this information down a bit, what is desirable in the changing area? In my opinion a well-equipped area with everything necessary for a diaper change within your reach is best. The changing area checklist should include diapers (duh), baby wipes, and extra outfits. And if you cloth diaper, it would be best for your diaper pail to be located right next to the changing table. It also helps to have toys for your baby to play with. And not just any toy. The key is to choose a favorite toy that is only available when his or her diaper is being changed. This will help your infant to associate diaper changes with having time with a special toy which may (or may not) do away with fussiness while mom (or dad if you are so lucky) takes care of business. Another helpful distraction, a mobile located over the changing table, adds a colorful, decorative feature to the room and entertains your little one for a few minutes until the job is done. I have found that when the nursery ceiling fan is on or when air is flowing through the vents and causing the mobile to move that little ones find them so much more entertaining than when they are just hanging there. Proper diaper changing area set up is not just for the sake of convenience nor is it just another step in decorating a baby's nursery. Having all your needs located nearby eliminates the temptation to leave your baby unattended even for a split second.
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Tip From Baby Food Recipes

- Feb 14, Pressure to Introduce Solids
My baby is now 7 months old. I have been breastfeeding and have now also started her on solids. By the time my baby was 4 months my family was constantly
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Shopping Tip From Le Baby Shop

- Going the cloth diaper route - and loving it!
<div>Cloth diapers are finally becoming more readily availble in Canada. Washable diapers are environmentally friendly, easy to use, easy to wash, unsmelly, fashionable and fun. (I didn't believe it either at first, but I made the switch and wouldn't go back.) Find out how I came to use cloth diapers and why I love them!</div>
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