Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to choose a stroller

Shopping for your first child can be really exciting, but it can also become quite daunting at times.
Every decision feels like a matter of life death - what is the best brand? what is the safest? should I always just buy the most expensive product just to make sure?

But by far, the most confusing baby product to shop for is the stroller. There are so many options, and (often unnecessary) features that you sometimes can't tell what to look for anymore.
That is why we'd like to offer you a few points to consider when shopping for a baby stroller :

  • Weight. Use a baby stroller for a month and you will see - the weight is key. Sooner or later, all you young mommies will have to haul you brand new stroller up the stairs or load it into the car. Making sure you get a lightweight stroller can make all the difference in the world.
  • Safety. Just because a stroller is more expensive, doesn't mean it's any safer. Simply make sure the stroller was made according to ASTM regulations.
  • Comfort. Feel the stroller's padding and straps and try to think how it would feel to sit in one of these. a comortable baby is a much calmer baby. Also consider your own comfort - walk the stroller around the shop for a few minutes. Are the handles comfortable and in the right height for you? Can you turn easily? How easy is it to fold?
  • Storage space. You can not even imagine how many things you need to take with you even for aa quick stroll through the park. A stroller with lots of handy compartments for all your baby's things can make your life much easier. Remember - the more you can fit in the stroller, the less you have to carry on your shoulder.

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